Truck Body

Professional Truck Body Builder

Professional Truck Body Builder

As a professional truck body builders, we design to your budget and specification to suit the industry you are in, by organizing any certification required for Wooden Railing, Steel Railing, Wooden / Steel Tipper Body, Tail Lift, and etc. Custom bodies are important as they built according to individualistic demands of the industry that you are involved in.

Our crew works closely with you to get to know exactly what you are looking for, design and create it accordingly, the final product will reflect the expectation of you. We provide effective and long-lasting solutions, thus you can also call it as an investment for future.

We guarantee that our workmanship and materials will be of the highest quality for all work carried out when either building a brand new body or a repair. If for any reason there may be a problem it will be rectified immediately. Quality has been well proven in the industry.

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Steel Cargo


Wooden Tipper Body


Steel Tipper Body


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